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I am a Senior Research Associate in Mathematics at Lancaster University, working with Andrey Lazarev.

I used to be a postdoc at the University of Antwerp, working with Wendy Lowen and Dmitry Kaledin. Before that, I completed my PhD at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Jon Pridham, defending in 2019. My thesis was on a derived version of the Donovan-Wemyss contraction algebra. Before that, I obtained an MMath from the University of Oxford in 2015.

I am in a broad sense a noncommutative geometer; my research interests sit at the interface of algebraic geometry, homotopy theory, representation theory, and algebraic topology. I am particularly interested in:

Here is my CV, and here is my mathematical genealogy.


My office is Fylde College B44.
My email address is m dot booth4 at lancaster dot ac dot uk.
I have math.stackexchange and mathoverflow accounts, although I don't use them much.